Colors and fancy yarns are our passion

Each collection, made to measure according to the customer’s requirements, can be reproduced in different color variations. In this way, we guarantee total customization of the fabric, in every detail.

Together with the yarn dyeing laboratory, equipped with the most modern tools, we experiment with colors to obtain exclusive plain and patterns with space-dyed effects.


Custom fabrics in every detail

Within the warping department, also equipped with technologies that guarantee automatic controls in the production, the experience of our employees guarantees excellent workings.

The weaving department, equipped with state-of-the-art jacquard machines, also guarantees a high level of quality, together with the possibility of creating customized patterns and designs.


We guarantee our customers the best standards

The finishing, carried out with highly sophisticated machinery and technologies, represents the final process of our production. The final phase of the finishing of fabric is also constantly monitored by our technicians.

Thanks to our choice of following every stage of the development of a collection, we guarantee the highest quality and the standards required by the major international interior design brands.

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